Sometimes a Big Sky can drop big hail and big wind. When big weather makes your home or business a little too “rustic,” have no fear: Infinity Roofing & Siding can help get your property back to the condition is was in prior to the storm.

Infinity Roofing is a national roofing contractor with multiple locations nationwide. Our locations are locally owned and operated, but have access to additional man-power and equipment to provide quick service even when damage is widespread.

We offer a complete range of commercial and residential contractor services, specializing in roof repair, roof replacement, storm and hail damage repair, and new roof installation.

Our estimators are experienced in roof-related problems caused by severe weather such as hail and high winds. We will conduct a free, no obligation, roof inspection to determine the extent of damage. Often times it takes the keen eye and experience of a professional and licensed roofing contractor to identify and evaluate damage caused by severe weather.

If there is a dispute in your claim, we can provide our professional opinion as to the current condition of your roof and an estimate for the repairs that we recommend; however, this does not guarantee any certain outcome as your insurance company’s adjuster will review your claim and make the final decision.

Bozeman, Montana
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