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Lisa S.

Due to hailstorms during the 20+ years I've had my house, this is the 3rd replacement of my roof. I had a different project manager than the previous 2 jobs, & Dan provided the same great service Jason gave me years ago. Some of the going above & beyond service they gave at least once included: arrangement with LeafFilter for replacement of damaged product, then finding a comparable product & arranging with gutter contractor to complete the job when LeafFilter stopped returning calls from me or Dan. Driving me to other houses painted my color so I could get the big picture of shingle choices. Working with estimator on damage survey to make sure small items weren't missed in estimate. Remembering me as a customer: I called Jason years after the 1st replacement, said "don't know if you remember me", & he said yes, told me location & color of my house, etc. about my 1st job off the top of his head. He had no time to hunt for me on a database, he actually remembered the client relationship. When other contractors ignored my calls or otherwise didn't follow through, the guys stepped in to help "get 'er done". Phone & email communication was clear, & verification was done prior to setting foot on the property. Infinity treated me like family. With other contractors ignoring me, it was refreshing to work with Infinity where customers are valued & treated with respect. This kind of service is disappearing in many companies, but not at Infinity. Ten stars on a 5-star scale.

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