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Roofing is serious business. Not only does it offer a layer of protection between you and the weather, but it's also an integral part of your home or building's structure. If you're located in Provo and need comprehensive roofing services, the team at Infinity Roofing and Siding can easily lend a hand. We've been in business since 2004, and our team of dedicated roofers has hundreds of years of combined experience to bring you only top-notch craftsmanship. We're A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and are a Top 50 Roofing Contractor - both distinctions that set us apart from our competitors. We feature a variety of services, all at affordable rates:

  • Roof Repair and Replacement
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Roofing Restoration

​​Affordable Roof Repair for Your Provo Home

Roofing damage is never something anyone wants to deal with, but it can be an unfortunate necessity. If your home has suffered damage from negligence or an accident, the professionals at Infinity Roofing and Siding can easily come out to remedy the situation. Our team of trusted roofers will give you a free roof inspection to fill you in on the work you need, along with the cost. After this, they'll work tirelessly to make sure your Provo home is back in the shape it should be.

​​Efficient Storm Damage Remediation

Provo can receive its fair share of poor weather, and dealing with storm damage is no laughing matter. The team of dedicated experts at Infinity Roofing and Siding has decades of experience dealing with this kind of repair. We'll come out to your home and take an accurate assessment to give to insurance companies, that way you can get the maximum coverage possible. When the claim has all been processed, we'll get right to work fixing your home up.

Comprehensive Commercial Roofing for Businesses

Our expertise doesn't just stop at residential roofing projects, we serve a variety of commercial Provo customers as well! We'd be happy to come out and work on a variety of building types, including:

  • Flat Roofs: Our team is highly experienced with a variety of flat roofs including mod bit roofing, EPDM roofing, and built-up roofs to give you the maximum protection possible.
  • Multi-Family Buildings: If you own a duplex or residential unit, you'll greatly benefit from our leading roofing materials from top brands like GenFlex, Mule-Hide, and Firestone.
  • Religious Buildings: The intricacies of religious structures can be a challenge for other roofing companies, but not for us! We're skilled with roofing for a variety of denominations.

​​Start With a Free Roof Inspection Today

Does your Provo home or business need a thorough roofing team to take on the job? If so, Infinity Roofing and Siding is guaranteed to come through. Whether you need residential roof repair, storm restoration, or commercial roofing services, we'll be there!

Get your project started today with a completely free roof inspection. Call today or fill out our online form!