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Reporting a Loss

Don’t be shy about calling your agent and telling him/her that you may have damage — chances are the company will have adjusters in the area anyway. You can even file your claim online! After you make the call make a list of all the damage you have noticed.

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Customer Care

We understand all the concern the public has with hiring a repair service that is new to the area. Over the years we have heard them all. In any community where we are providing a service we have someone available to honor our warranties.

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Roofing Crews

Without question the most important part of our organization are our roofing crews. Some of our crews have been with us since we began, and all of our crews are crews that we are familiar with. One thing you can be assured of is that our crews were ROOFERS way before it hailed in your neighborhood.

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Infinity Roofing & Siding estimators have all worked numerous Insurance Repair projects before being called to your home. Most have a background in the roofing industry, and some are former insurance adjusters that we have hired for their knowledge of that industry.

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Roofing Scams

There is probably nothing that attracts scam artists faster than disaster, and unfortunately the roofing industry has it share of shady characters. The main goal of Infinity Roofing & Siding is to eliminate as many as possible.

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Metal Roofing

Although metal has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years, we receive many questions from property owners curious about installing a metal roof, but uncertain it is for them.

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When a severe hail storm hits an area, most if not all local roofing companies are ill equipped to handle the increased demand on their business.

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Licensed Contractors

Licensing requirements for contractors vary greatly from city to city and from state to state.

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Insured Contractors

Anyone using a contractor that is not insured to save a few bucks is foolish at best, and a way bigger gambler than they may have imagined. Roofing is a dangerous business and very hard work.

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Insurance Adjusters

The duty of an insurance adjuster is to give you an accurate accounting of everything that was damaged by the storm and a written estimate of what it will cost to put your property back to the condition it was in prior to the storm. Remember, this is only an estimate and actual costs may vary.

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