Although metal has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years, we receive many questions from property owners curious about installing a metal roof, but uncertain it is for them.

While the cost to install a metal roof is often higher than to use other roofing materials, metal roofs save quite a bit of money in the long run, due to their many advantages over non-metal roofs.

Green solutions
Many people are surprised to learn that metal roofing is an environmentally friendly choice. Metal roofing:

  • helps to reflect the heat and energy of the sun, and can help to lower energy bills.
  • is lightweight, requiring less energy for transport.
  • can be made almost entirely from recycled materials
  • can easily be recycled at the end of its life (even centuries-old copper and lead roofs can be recycled!)
  • has a long service life, reducing the consumption associated with replacing less durable roofing materials

Good business sense
Metal roofing is popular with business and industry because it’s “green” in more ways than one.

  • Asphalt shingles usually need replacement within about 10 years, while quality metal roofing can last more than a century.
  • Good thermal performance in both hot and cold climates helps to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • A well-built metal roof rarely needs maintenance.
  • Modern alloys and roof coatings give decades of corrosion resistance.
  • Metal roofing panels can be made to look like most conventional roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and slate.

Durable in Any Weather
A metal roof is also attractive when high winds, heavy snow or hail damage are regular concerns.

  • Painted metal roofs are very good at shedding snow, reducing stressful accumulation and runoff in areas with significant snowfall.
  • Metal roofing is very resistant to hail and wind, which erode and damage other common roof materials.
  • A metal roof is not flammable and resists damage by flames or sparks.
  • Thanks to a wide variety of metals and coatings available, the properties of a metal roof can easily be made to suit a given location (even extreme climates and marine environments).

Metal roofs tend to be quieter then other roofing, and effectively seal a house from rain, hail, and bad weather. They are a popular choice for all types of buildings. If you’re interested in metal roofing, please contact us to learn more!